Are you thinking about starting up with yoga?

I live within my heart space that longs for a space of self to be held. 

My name is Alli

I currently reside in the Northern Rivers Byron Bay and my purpose for healing and health have brought me here. I have been fortunate to have varied experiences of teaching, studying and practicing yoga across the last 10 years nationally and internationally. However, my journey for yoga didn't take off immediately.
Since high school I moved to the Gold Coast to study Bachelor of Education. During this time I endured my first yoga class and felt a different awareness come over me, I continued practicing in my lounge room, for 1 year to the same yoga DVD. I finished my degree then travelled Europe and worked in London as a primary school teacher. Spontaneously I planned my next adventure. I travelled to Indonesia, Nusa Lembongan to endure my first ever 200hr teacher training. I also experienced my first time teaching a class in a hostel in Bali. From there I travelled to Vietnam teaching yoga in a hostel, then to Noosa to teach yoga to primary and high school teachers, Coffs Harbour, where I started my first business 'Mellow Tribe Yoga', then to the Telo Islands Indonesia to teach at a private resort teaching couples yoga as well as small group and individual healing journeys and rehabilitation, then back to Coffs Harbour and now the special place of the Northern Rivers.
My training includes: 200hr Training in Nusa Lembongan 2017, 25hr Cueing and Communication Certificate 2019, Ocean Safety Surf Coach Award 2020, 20hr Trauma Aware Yoga Teacher Training, 30hour Yin Teacher Training and Bachelor of Education. 
My experience on planet Earth derives from constant rebuilding of self with a sense of love and devotion to connection, breath and the feeling of being set free. My time left here on this Earth is not to dwell on the past, however to use this power to manifest strength to those who have experienced suffering. To rebuild a life of strength, courage, passion and belief in self to strive... for more.
My passion for teaching yoga extends through my teaching experience as I have seen first and foremost the changes in individual attitudes, belief systems and abilities using the tools that brings to mind, body, spirit and soul. Not only have I seen results on the people that I have worked with, I have experienced the benefits myself. I have healed myself from toxic relationships and rehabilitated my lungs and body from an accident that nearly killed me. I believe in yoga for what it can heal internally and externally. Each individual's experience with yoga in unique as well as the path that it can take you on.
I flow to the rhythm of the weather & wind and decide my day depending on the two 

Nearly three years ago, I used my knowledge and power of yoga to rehabilitate my  body to breathe better, walk better, stand better and communicate better. I had 5-7 broken ribs, pneumothorax, a hole in my lungs, I couldn't walk properly and I developed severe anxiety. Through the power of breathe and movement and trusting in my knowledge, over the months and years I am able to do all the things I could do previously... only this time with more courage and strength.

The creation of held came from an integrated photoshoot, memory sharing and shedding of layers with one of my dearest friends and I. As we journeyed through soul laughter and tears of releasing and letting go... held was born.

The purpose of held  is to rebuild your body, restrengthen core muscles, reconnect with your intuition, and gain confidence & trust as you rebuild yourself and your body, greater than it was.

I look forward to working with you, on your journey.

Alli x