• Alli Jaye

The mind of the Good Life.

The Good Life

My story extends from the depths of the night time, to the early morning sounds of birds chasing the sunrise as I am. I breath in the air and drink in what I can mostly say the sobriety of the good life. What it means to feel the oxygen open up my lungs as I inhale.

Then to exhale all of what does not serve me.

It starts to flutter for a while before the feeling entirely consumes me. The feeling extends outwards spreading like the roots of flowers & trees. Wrapping me carefully in a desire that I can no longer settle for stillness. The entrance of light and colours of life take my breathe away. I am patient to sit whilst you unfold & I embrace your elegance. I accept who you are, then emerge into your surrounding content.

I can imagine...

A world that you could create using the essentials given to us: LOVE, beauty, intelligence, creativity and the key component of social understanding. To learn to understand one another as a form of social norms. To act, not to re-act, to accept, and not live in the mind of judgement. To Love. Can you imagine what the world would be like if your mind represented a vase of flowers? Beautiful, colourful, forever growing, unique.

Can you imagine what your world can be like by opening up to new opportunities of laughter and passion as you embrace all of what planet Earth has on offer for us? Imagine if you just lived courageously. Live presently, live intentionally, live with purpose and live with gratitude. Stop thoughts that only put us down and make us act against what we can achieve as individuals.

Imagine if your mind was clear, how great your existence will continue to be,

I am here and I am ready to teach you, how to live like this.

Every . dam . day

inhale . exhale . heal

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