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How to create Daily Affirmations

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

Daily affirmations are a very important component in inviting the person who you want to become into your current existence. These affirmations act as

manifestations for your intentions as a way to cultivate the new way of being into your every day life. In reality, it has unfortunately become a norm to think negatively about ourselves mostly whilst we are unconscious to our own thoughts to which the unconscious mind takes and speaks of words of judgement and non truths. Keeping that knowledge in mind, we create daily affirmations to change these thought patterns, unconscious way of thinking and being, to change our internal story about how we perceive ourselves and others to be.

Activity Time

You will need the following:

1 x pen

1 x Journal / Diary or a booklet of some sort in which you can access for the next 30 days

Prepare to go deep within yourself, to the corners of the unknown in your body, the lightness and darkness of yourself.

Step 1. Find a quite/ safe place

For me, my quite safe place is the ocean or somewhere in nature where I am surrounded by trees and water. Turn your phone off or on silent to clear away from distractions, to be able to honor yourself with full awareness of your needs.

Step 2. Reflect on your current state of being

This means discovering who you are, what you like, what you would like to change in the form of growth and learning, and what traits you would like to bring into your daily life.

Sit with yourself for sometime to be able to access these truths (some might come as a shock) with these things that come up, please acknowledge that they exist, accept what is being said and let it go in a healthy emotional manner (talking to a trusted friend or counsellor). Watch your own thoughts and write down the things that are relevant to your needs and desires. You might notice the unconscious mind speak to you at some points with negative self talk - do not believe it, however write these down as you will find out how to turn these into your daily affirmations.

Step 3: Create your daily affirmations

Write down what is coming up for you. For Example: if you notice in the past at times you experience anxiety, you will write the word anxiety on your piece of paper. Anxiety comes from feelings of not being worthy, not feeling confident in who you are, negative self talk and not being true to who you really are. So your next question will be: what is causing these feelings of anxiety and you will write them down. Eg: lack of confidence. To turn this into a daily affirmation for something you would like to become, I encourage you to write something along the lines of this: I invite confidence into my life. I speak my truth with confidence and strength. Remember that it is not anxiety that you want to manifest into your life, so you are wanting to write down the opposite of your current feelings so you can GROW :) Know that these affirmations can stem from all areas in your life: socially, physically, mentally, academically and for relationships of any kind and whatever it is you are wanting to achieve put them onto your list!

Step 4: Repeat daily for the next 30 days

Write down a minimum of 5 daily affirmations on a new page so that your page is clean and clear in what you are wanting to manifest and achieve. Repeat these to yourself for the following 30 days when you wake in the morning and when you go to bed.

Step 5: Be patient with yourself

In the next 30 days you are rewiring your old beliefs and manifesting new, more positive thought patterns into your life. The unconscious mind may attempt to tell you that you cannot achieve these things and say that you are not good enough. However the more persistent you are with your daily affirmations the stronger you will become within yourself and eventually become the person whom you want to see in the world.

Step 6: Do not be afraid to change your affirmations

Your affirmations will constantly change as you uncover new truths about yourself. You are an evolving being. Allow yourself to be! Also take note that this can be an on going morning and night time ritual :)

Here are some examples of what my daily affirmations are. Feel free to be inspired by these however keeping in mind what you are currently wanting in your life. And of course, have fun with it!

i listen carefully

i let go of words

i avoid judgement of self and others

i speak truth with confidence

i am a good person

i love with my heart

i give & gift my time to others

my heart is open & full

i live in the present moment

i have a strong network of friends and family

i am radiant and inspiring

i am open to positive relationships with effective communication

i am worthy

i learn & am wise because of it

i laugh

i am inspired by others

i practice what i preach

i am patient

i am my own journey and i love that about me

i breathe

i am that i am

No matter how fast life is moving around us, there is always a place of stillness inside, find yours


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