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                   Each class is designed to enhance movement in your body to release, restore and heal your body from old traumas. Held works with postures, breathe and mind to create an outcome that can be witnessed off the mat.

"You are welcome to show up authentically as you are, and leave with a sense of being held as you are"    ~ Alli Jaye
 Yoga for Surfers 

Yoga course for surfers is versatile to suit varying personal needs and abilities and assists to further develop: strength, balance and flexibility, fascial release, injury prevention, breath work, and mindful practices. Essentially, the course allows opportunities to stretch, and ignite the human body on a physical and mental level. 

Dates to be released soon!
Beginner Yoga Series

Learn how to integrate correct technique
for your yoga practice. Beginner Yoga Series
is a 3 week course (one class per week). The
series is designed to introduce you to breathe work, movement basic yoga philosophy.

Dates to be released soon!
Yoga Sound Sessions

Weekly collaborative events with local Musician enthusiast and Writer Vittorio Spandrio, and Space creator/ Yoga Teacher
Alli Jaye.
We invite you into this space to be Held in your yin yoga sound journey for you to indulge in an hour long session of deep rest and relaxation.

   Private Yoga classes

In a private yoga class you will receive a free consultation and specific class plan designed to reach your intentions for practice in which we will work together to create goals for your self, mind, body and soul. These classes focus on rehabilitating your body after trauma/ injury, improving/ adjusting techniques and alignment in postures, learn breath work to calm the mind and meditative techniques to bring clarity to your purpose, and learn foundational yoga philosophy to increase your overall yoga practice and introduce a new way mindset of approaching life that you can take with you... off the mat.

You may also use a private yoga class to increase performance in another sporting field such as surfing, swimming, or football to assist with balance, coordination, flexibility, concentration, strength, core muscles, injury or mindset.
Contact: Alli at Held Yoga Collective
for enquiries, bookings & more information about upcoming events


Wednesdays 4:00 - 5:15pm

Dates to be released for June 2022

Dates to be released for Term 2 holidays 2022
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  • Enhance confidence in the water
  • Become physically and mentally prepared for a session in the water 
  • Gain the tools you need to restore your body
  • Become more flexible, gain strength in the physical and mental body
  • You will learn how to utilise your breath
  • You will learn the power of meditation and how it influences you
  • You will learn to positions to prevent injury
  • You will learn strategies to unblock fears 
  • You will learn tools to enhance your current abilities in and out of the water

Yoga for
Surfers Workshop

Course Outline
  • Include 4 yoga asana classes including vinyasa and yin

  • Breath work and technique to control the breath

  • You will learn specific yoga postures that are specifically designed to enhance your surfing abilities

  • Build your strength, core, flexibility balance and stability

  • Meditation 

  • Injury awareness and prevention care

  • You will have the skill set to be able to practice at home with comfort and knowledge to what your body needs

  • Include 3 guided meditations to clear and empty the mind for high performance



Benefits of course
"I hope for you to be held ~ In your breathe, In your asana movement
and in your mind"


"I was lucky enough to participate in a number of different classes with Alli. While Alli made all classes interesting and fun, paying individual attention to the needs of the participants, the 'surf yoga' became my absolute favourite.
As I was also a complete beginner in surfing, this class was very helpful for the flexibility, focus and strength needed to succeed.
I felt my balance and confidence improve and would recommend this class to anyone"

~ Jutta
"Yoga has always been an integral way of living for myself. Within each practice there is a sense of calmness, support and acceptance.
Alli is truly a breathe of fresh air, she is always shining with her love and compassion for yoga I have always been humbled by her surf flow, mellow flow and flow to grow.
No one day on the mat is the same and Alli truly allows you to honour where you are mentally and physically My mind is clear, balanced and peaceful after each class. Thank you endlessly Alli. You are an abundance of love and light"
~ Cailin Olds
Alli's classes create a fun and engaging space to develop my yoga practice. Her bright and bubbly nature always encourages the entire class and is uplifting in itself. She supports my learning and offers variations to individualise my experience. In Alli's classes I have found growth in my abilities and practice that ripple into my everyday life. I highly recommend her as a teacher. 

~ Chelsea

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